Social Media Marketing


The world continues to push against the largest social media network in 2019. This trend is opening up a huge opportunity to reach Facebook users, especially in the older age segments. Further, with more people growing weary of this particular platform there should be great opportunities for paid advertising to have a wonderfully positive social media return on investment for your business.


Instagram stole the show in 2018 but with its popularity also comes less return on investment for businesses looking to leverage this platform. While Instagram marketing can still be very effective, it is important to consider your niche and motive for using this particular platform in 2019.


Twitter should be thought of as the watering hole of the internet. Content is consumed rapidly here and in short spurts, just as the news would spread in an old-school corporate environment near the water fountain or coffee pot. It is important as ever to have a presence on Twitter and just one small action on this platform can have a huge impact on your brand or business if given the right context.


LinkedIn has vastly changed over the last few years. With these changes, more users and engagements are happening on this business-centric platform. The organic reach on LinkedIn is currently wonderful and Linkedin marketing should be within nearly any digital marketing strategy looking to be the most effective in 2019.

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