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The main objective of a business, freelancer, or business person, in general, should nearly always be to add value to their client, business owners, or whomever they're interacting with. This is the basis of economics which we feel at is simply not discussed enough in the world today. We pay for value not the time of service or costs of service, although the latter factors can play into the puzzle as well. The bottom line comes down to what type of value is being presented by a business and is that worth my hard earned money?Let's take a closer look at ways in which we feel it's best to add value to another's life.Professional ServicesA natural place to start for a service company is with their professional services. Marketing, legal assistance, computer development, and many others are all common professional services today. This value-add comes from an expert who's studied this particular craft to a highly optimized level and wishes to share that expertise with a client or colleague.ProductsThe creation of products is another common way businesses generate value for their customers. A consistent, trusted, and effective product can have a powerful connection with consumers and thus generate value for the end user.  Make sure when you're considering the creation of a product you take into account economies of scale and the power of branding.For further reading check out this blurb on The Source of Profit, shared with me by a respected associate.Until Next Time, J 

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