The Influencer Economy

Today we dive into a trendy marketing tactic referred to as Influencer marketing. The basic concept of this is to have a brand promotion through a popular social media channel. A popular influencer is Gary Vee with his multiple millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and his own podcast. These are powerful channels which have emerged in the last decade since the popularization of social media channels. The return on investment, when done properly, can also be extraordinary. The value of some of the influencers in the world today, who focus on the service as a full-time job building out their personal social channels simply for the reason of sharing brands, products, and services they believe in.

Big Money for Big Follower Count

It’s estimated that Instagram marketing alone will rack in over 1.3 Billion dollars for influencers this year. That number is expected to more than double in 2019 as more and more brands realize the powerful Return on Investment for properly executing influencer marketing campaigns. Furthermore, influencers continue to benefit the most from this new economy with many of the biggest names in the influencer makretingbusineses earned tens of thousands of dollars per month. As demand increases for these more unique and digital-oriented marketing avenues we should see that number increase for the next few years.

A Bigger Trend

We see that the world is becoming more decentralized and a freer place to live, although slowly, it’s happening surely. This is a great sign for freedom lovers and liberty-minded individuals who feel they are continually fighting against tyrannical entities, both private and public. Influencers ability to erode traditional mediums of advertising is one great example of this larger trend. We believed at that this trend is powered by technology and it’s innovative nature.

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