The Future of Voice

The future of voice technology seems to brighten with each passing day. There are huge companies with hardware applications of voice chats ranging from Amazon's Alexa to Google's Home to the major cell phone manufacturers having voice chats built directly into their devices. As the popularity of these devices takes hold, so will the applications built on top of voice technology. This trend also will play well alongside the smart home technology sweeping the world as well. Exciting even more is the fact that voice chat is ever increasingly easy to access. Pair this with multitasking culture and it's a true recipe for success. I believe we'll see a huge rise in popularity of voice technology, entertainment and information as we push further into the 21st century. The Apps of Tomorrow will be Voice Today the world revolves around in the palm of our hands with our smartphones. We can connect direct to anyone in the world through video chat, almost instantaneously. The advent of the iPhone, the first mainstream smartphone changed the game for many industries and businesses. Now in 2018, over a decade since the first iPhone was released, we are now seeing another transition into voice technology. The service of Alexa and Siri have infiltrated the masses through their convenience and huge strides of improvement in voice recognition technology. The apps of tomorrow will be built on top of these platforms. The simply convenience of voice technology should propel it to a glorious location for content providers and consumers.  The convenience of voice technology can not be understated. While the world continues to become busier and busier, the ability to multitask increases in value. Say a consumer is getting ready for the day in the morning, if they can do this while accessing their favorite voice apps, what better way to move into the start of the day?*Inspired by Gary Vee

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