The Creation of Value

The Creation of Value


What is Value?

We’ve discussed this topic before but feel it’s important enough to dive in a bit deeper. The value provided from one individual or business to another should be seen at the end of the work or the creation provided. This article shared with me by a good friend goes into depth about how the creation of our work determines the value of it more so than the time or energy expended on the work. This is true in a capistic society.


Today we see that value is created from networks of users who access a utility service online for free. The service will then sell “these eyeballs” or the attention of the users to advertisers to generate huge profits. This is the model for most social networks in 2018 and one that’s proven to be very effective. Furthermore, education or knowledge are two items which are almost always valued from a portion of the population. Growing oneself’s ability to think can have lasting impacts on the world and the person gaining the knowledge. The old saying, knowledge is power rings true on this point.

We have also seen a new type of digital value come into the world over the decade. As the internet has evolved from a nascent and niche industry to one that is accessed and utilized by nearly everyone in the population, it has transformed what value means. Much of this is speculative at this point in time of 2018 but should be seen as the start of an exciting digital landscape that should grow into something as amazing as the internet has over the last twenty years.


Finally, there is a personalized aspect to value in the digital age. People today have super specific interests, weather that’s diet, a lifestyle, work related, relationship related, an illness or cure they’re searching for, and the list could go on and on. Personalized value can also be apt to a niche or an individualized motive someone may have. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top five types of value found in the digital age.


Top 5 Value Locations in the Digital Age


  1. Digital Communities – Most commonly known as social media networks, digital communities bring people from all over the world together in a common location to share ideas, conversation, and memes of course. The digital communities of today can help people find their tribe. It’s a great way to connect with like minded individuals and press forward new concepts and ideas.


  1. Online Education – The world of Khan Academy, Code Academy, even Ivy League schools offer free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to users across the globe. Today education can be seen as something that’s more accessible than ever before and even free courses online can provide immense value to users looking to advance their personal education.


  1. Knowledge, Search Engines – Google and other large search engines have created a powerful economy for their search results. Today, domain name is not nearly as important as it was a decade ago since the advent and popularization of search engines. Now keywords, search engine optimization, and even paid ads on search engines will ganer better results than an expensive and spot-on domain name would. These search engines are the roadways to the digital world and provide the signage and indicators of who and where can be trusted in the wild west of the internet.


  1. Store of Value – Cryptocurrency created nearly a decade ago has truly transformed what it means to have and hold digital value. Today top cryptocurrencies are worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per token with many speculating this will only increase over time as more adoption takes place.


  1. Personalized Value – The internet is full of fun and interesting videos, gifs, memes, and so much more. Today the value of someone streaming their video game should not be understated as some of the top streamers bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The personalized value is different for everyone but certainly exists for everyone as well in one way or another.

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