Ten Pro Tips on How to Take Care of Yourself

In the fast-moving digital world, self-care often becomes victim to neglect. We could all use a bit more self-care and the benefits of such can be profound, often counter-intuitive. Taking care of yourself leads to a higher level of happiness. Studies suggest that happiness can help improve your physical health and also seep into other aspects of your personal and professional life. With many benefits of self-care apparent, why do so many people neglect this aspect of their lives? How can neglecting yourself lead to trouble? Well, do it long enough and you will experience burnout or fatigue! It is a no-brainer how important self-care can be.


Some will argue that taking care of yourself can be a selfish maneuver. We could not disagree more wholeheartedly. The stereotype that taking care of yourself can be selfish is simply a misunderstanding. You must be happy to be the best you! Self-care is vital to happiness. Taking care of yourself is therefore vital to you reaching your full potential in life. With this, we put together ten pro tips about how you can best take care of yourself.

Physical health

The start of any self-care guide should be with our physical health. The important role exercise plays in many successful people’s lives is astonishing. For example, many of today’s leading business minds suggest that an hour of exercise could be more beneficial to your productivity than working an extra hour. Furthermore, some even suggest we could replace small amounts of sleep with exercise since it can be such a trance-inducing state of mind for those who exercise regularly. While you should not neglect your sleep by any means, as sleep is vital to your overall health too! Exercise and the benefits of being active physically cannot be understated. If you have an extra 30 minutes in your day, make it an active 30 minutes! Even starting with simple physical activities such as walking can help stimulate your brain and bring about a better feeling of well-being.

Mental & emotional health

Although not discussed as readily as our physical health, these two health components become more prevalent in the world of abundance we have in the 21st-century. Being able to have a strong mental and emotional state of mind could arguably be more important than physical health due to medical advancements.  Today we can heal most physical ailments. Yet, this is not the case with many mental or emotional problems which are far more complex than a broken bone. For mental health, it is all about perspective, being empathetic, and developing these aspects in a similar manner to a muscle. You develop a muscle by working out with it regularly so that it becomes stronger. The same goes for your emotional and mental health, you must work on them on a regular basis to make them stronger. Furthermore, when you need help with your physical training, you hire a trainer. The same principle can be applied to your mental and emotional health as well. Counselors and therapists should be seen as a very positive thing and something to be proud of talking with if you can afford it. Even a positive friend or family member can help strengthen your emotional and mental health. Just remember to be transparent, open to progress, and remember you can do it.

You are what you eat

It should also be stressed the importance of a healthy diet. Your brain consumes over 25% of your energy and also is in charge of the regulation of hormones. The two go hand in hand. People who have a healthier diet often report having happier lifestyles and relationships. Furthermore, there is a “second brain” inside our gut which is directly tied to our nervous system. This “second brain” although primitive has been suggested to influence our actions and moods more than we previously believed. The old expression, “Listen to your gut” refers to this exact second brain. Make sure you are taking care of your gut! So, next time you go to eat a meal think about grabbing the salad instead of the fast food. Choosing the healthier option, in the long run, will have a profound effect on your ability to take care of yourself. Eat healthily and quickly you will see the power of the saying, you are what you eat!

Kindness always wins

People underestimate the power of kindness. Not only can it propel you past the competition in a work environment, but it is also key to establishing long-term friendships and romances. Everyone in the world can think of that one person in their life that is just overflowing with kindness. They notice how that person has a magnetic-like pull and can attract some of the best and brightest minds to their side. That is because kindness takes more strength and in our world of abundance today, strength is more about what we choose not to do than it is what we choose to do. For example, choosing to be kind will often take more energy than being mean or clever. With this in mind, it is easy to see how kindness is king!

Keep good company

The old saying, “You are the company that you keep” could not be truer. This applies to the physical and digital world. To this point, you should be quick to understand that you will become more like the people around you than they will become like you. Therefore, it becomes vital that you surround yourself with people who fulfill the self-image you want to present to the world. The other saying that is 100% true, “Misery loves company” can be inversely applied to this point as well. Make sure you do not hang out with the negative people too long because before you know it you could be a negative person yourself! This does not mean avoid them completely but it does mean limiting their influence on your life so that you can be good company to have to other people around you.

Take time for yourself

Remember that you are your own king in today’s free world. The action or inaction you take will determine where you are to go in this lifetime! So, remember to take time for yourself. You should be your own priority. This will make sure you are always operating at a personal best to benefit those around you the most. Taking time for yourself can help you find your flow. When people are in their flow or in a state of enjoying the activity they are working on, nothing is truly better. They will produce more productive results while also generating an atmosphere which is pleasant. Sometimes this means taking time for yourself alone or with close family and friends. This should be encouraged! Never hesitate to take the selfish path in the short term to ensure you are at your best in the long term.

Learn to say “No”

Many people struggle with telling others no. First, know that you have every right to say no to things you do not want to do. Further, understand that saying no to something you do not want to do is not only the right thing to do but also the easier path in the long run. It may be difficult to say no at first but after a little practice, you will learn when you do say no it trickles into other aspects of your life. For example, being able to say no to something you do not want to do will free you up to do things you do enjoy. It is almost guaranteed you will be more enjoyable while doing things you enjoy! So, make sure you take care of yourself by saying no when you feel it is right.

Read, pray or meditate

Practicing any or all of these tasks can profoundly affect your life in a positive manner. It is good to get in touch with something outside of yourself as you do while you read and pray. Being outside of yourself can help you become more empathetic. Empathy is an underestimated trait in people today’s world. Even meditation, the art of clearing your mind, can be a pleasant challenge which takes strict discipline and dedication to truly master. When you start to look at the world with a broader perspective, truly amazing things start to appear before you. For example, major problems in your life can seem easily overcome and huge issues you have can look minor. So, next time you are having a hard time in life, make sure to get outside yourself! Go Read, pray or meditate and it will surely help you better take care of yourself.

Ask for help

What is better than hitting two birds with one stone? How about helping yourself and helping out another person at the same time? Many people find fulfillment in helping others and when you ask for help you can be helping them find a deeper meaning in life. So, next time you are having a hard time in life, make sure to keep this in mind. It should not be seen as selfish to ask for help but in a positive light, it is helping both the requester and the lender of the help. Finally, remember that it does take strength to ask for help. The weak do not ask because of their ego or pride. Yet, when we need help, we should readily ask for it! Otherwise, the consequences truly outweigh the costs. It is very human to struggle, we all do it sometimes and therefore you should have no shame with your struggles. Instead, embrace your struggles, find the courage to ask for help, and take the time to make sure you are the best you that you can be.

Positivity is a choice

Positivity is always the way to go! Negativity is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The smartest minds in the world today understand that the power of positivity is more in the mindset it creates than the factual nature of it. In other words, it is better to be positive and wrong than negative and correct most of the time. This may be more of a challenge but think of your perspective like a muscle. Just like you need to run to get your legs stronger, you need to practice being positive so that you can do it more readily and easily. The impact of a positive mindset can be truly astonishing, as we humans have a knack of being able to do almost anything we put our minds too. So, find your “happy” with a positive perspective and share it with the world!


In closing, we believe that taking care of yourself is vital to success in life. Taking care of yourself can have a huge impact on your personal, professional, and even spiritual lives. Make sure you are taking the time to understand yourself and increase the impact you have on the world. Finally, if you have any other fun ways in which you take care of yourself, share them in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!


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