Technology Fueled Innovation

Technology has always been a fuel for innovative change to come about in the world. The advent of the internet changed the way the world learns and communicates. The world wide web led to a huge innovation for how the world operates. Consumers started using the desktop computer and this usage completely revolutionized how news is consumed, how people communicate with friends and coworkers, and also revolutionized the financial system. All these changes were compounded with the advent of the mobile phone and specifically the iPhone in 2007. The mobile internet allowed people all over the world to enter the digital world with almost no equipment beyond their mobile device. Today, web development and app development are huge industries with a nearly ever-increasing need.

Today the technological hype is with blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the internet of things, chatbots, and new voice-enabled devices. These trends seem to be sweeping into the news more and more as entrepreneurs and businesses try to become the leading company in each of these interesting segments.

These technological innovations should help bring in a new era of productivity for the world.

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