Sales Versus Marketing

In general, most businesses need a sales and marketing team to properly execute to their business models. This is not always the case as you see with many service industry jobs which can operate exclusively with a sales team or marketing team, without needing both. A good example of this is in the gambling sector, hospitality focused entertainment business which will often simply market to the masses instead of deploying a sales team. Other business models, require the opposite with the need for a large and robust sales team, instead of having any marketing at all. This can be considered when you think of a cold calling center offer insurance direct to potential customers.

The Goal of Sales

The of a sales team can be pretty straight forward, they need to make sales. Get more customers in the door and onto the books, that is the gist of it. With that in mind, sales teams also can help provide customer support for their customers, especially in a business to business environment in which one customer will purchase a large percentage of total sales. With this in mind, it is often best to separate your marketing, sales, and even your customer support so each sector of your business can be completely optimized for the best results. However, there are times when overlapping these categories into one or two hybrid versions is justified. Nonetheless, sales should be thought of as the more ‘nitty gritty’ aspect of driving more business for your company. Whereas, marketing brings in a different set of solutions to solve a slightly different aspect of your business.

The Goal of Marketing

Marketing all and all can be summarized as an increasing the business’ bottom line through changes in customer behavior. For example, if you offer a 10% coupon does that increase your sales by 15%? If so, that would be a good marketing tactic for your business and does a wonderful job of showcasing what the goal of marketing is. Now, marketing differs in sales that it is not as direct in the ask for a customer’s business. Whereas a salesman will often times offer their solution to many many potential customers, a marketer will simply want to start that process by introducing customers to a brand’s product or service. This is not always the case as some marketing campaigns will have a goal of converting sales, with pay-per-click ads for example. But in general, marketing is more about the big picture in the game of business.

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