Numbers Game

Life revolves around math, specifically statistics. Many decisions in life are based upon the statistics of something happening in return. A simple example, when we eat food because we know it will 99.9% of the time make us feel better.  Sadly statistics hardly gets discussed in most schooling systems and the topic deserves more attention. Yet, the statistics of an event occurring can be extremely helpful in determining the best path forward. With that, I’m a marketing guy, not a math expert! So these below points may or may not fall into the realm of a statistic, they are extremely fascinating to discuss. Today I have two interesting points to quickly discuss. Let’s dive right in!

Million Versus Billion

All and all, these two numbers can seem fairly similar due to their out of reach nature for most people. Rarely do everyday folks need to count to a million, let alone a billion. Nonetheless, there are seven billion people on the planet in 2018 and nearly half of them are online today.

A Billion Friends

The interesting thing about this is found in the simple math. If you have 1,000 friends (acquaintances) and they too have a 1,000 friends- that puts you only two people away from one billion people! Imagine the impact if we all treated our daily lives as if we were affecting so many folks with our actions.

Until next time friends,

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