Leadership in Business and the World, 2018 Edition

The world continues to spin forward upon its axis with ever more media, digital solutions and new machinery to shape our ever-changing world. The world continues to change at faster and faster rates. With this, the need for leaders in both the business world and the political world has become more important than ever. What makes a good leader though?

Ability to Find What’s Best – leadership requires individuals to put their communities or staff’s interest before their own. A truly good leader will help lead their people to the rightful location, metaphorically or literally. When staff and communities need to know their direction in the world, a truly fantastic leader will help them find their way.

Do Not Lead by Force – With the digital age abundantly here, it’s viral nature has empowered the average joe in unimaginable ways. With this in mind, leaders who operate with more carrots than sticks will find their success easier.

Strong Beliefs – A leader should be convicted in what they know about the world. Especially in the digital age, where facts seem to be harder to find despite we’re in the middle of the information age.

Difficult Decisions – A leader should be prepared to make extremely difficult decisions even while faced with adverse responsibilities. They know the facts of a situation and develop the best plan forward to achieve their goals even while making sacrifices in a calculated manner.

Know their Team or Community – This is key to finding success. Without understanding the team, a leader can’t describe, dictate, or direct their team to success. Success can often be subjective and even when it’s objective, still troublesome and extremely challenging to discover.

Strive for Greatness – The aspect of greatness is important because an underlying belief in greatness can be a huge motivator for people. Working for a cause bigger than yourself is a true motivator in life. The selfless nature of a cause bigger than oneself can be the powerful motivator.

Lead by Example – This aspect we’d like to highlight a successful leader is their ability to lead by example. The CEO or Political leaders in our world should be the hardest working individuals around us. Nothing can be more powerful than a leader who is at work before you and thereafter you. This can be true of political leaders as well.

All and all, a good leader should be able to be selfless and yet at the same time powerful in their convictions. Believe is a powerful tool in a leader’s arsenal. Their ability to motivate others can be based upon their beliefs and ensuring its aligned with their staff members, followers, or communities.

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