Importance of Blog Content

Hi friends,Today we are going to dive into a slightly less fun topic and more practical one to help with your marketing endeavors. Today we will discuss blogs. Blogs. Blogs. And more Blogs. This should help you understand why I produce content for my personal brand while still have hundreds of other to-do items on the list.A blog should not be neglected. It can provide search engine optimization for your website and thus help with the ranking when people try to find you on a search engine. It can also help reinforce with your audience your expertise for the service or product you offer. Finally, simply sharing your knowledge can be a vital aspect of promoting a more positive world and that alone should be of some motivation for you to start a blog.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most common ways a new customer will land on your page is through a search engine. Still one of the most common ways a user will land on your page (closely followed by social media and may differ depending upon your niche), search engine optimization should not be neglected. It's vital for a company to rank on the first page of the google search results for their specific keywords.Blog content remains a great way for websites to separate themselves from the crowd. The keywords which can be placed in a blog such as digital marketing or digital consulting will help users find the service they need faster. Furthermore, it is imperative to land on the search engines. Google alone processes over 40,000 searches in a single second. You must make sure your business is landing upon the results if you're to have a competitive edge in your niche.


A second point for having a blog can be to show the world your expertise. That is one of the main reasons I continually work on the blog with despite being a single operator for the consulting firm and easily could focus on a freelance model more than a brand. Nonetheless, the brand represents an important investment to show potential clients, I am serious and here to help you succeed! Sharing your expertise goes closely with our final point and cannot be stressed enough. Building rapport with others is the key to success for a marketing agency and usually most consumer brands, products, and services as well.

Sharing Knowledge

The world needs more expertise. We are continually facing thousands of problems which will need to be solved for humanity to survive. While that is a bit melodramatic and you may not be working on an earth-saving project, it still is important to remember not a day should be wasted in this life. You get one life, go live it! Creating quality content and sharing it with the digital world could last eons into the future. If we as a human race continue to thrive, the internet will thrive alongside us, for many hundreds of years. So, start sharing your knowledge today! 

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