How to Successfully Complete Digital Marketing in a Restrictive Marketplace

Digital marketing has become fairly centralized with a handful of platforms such as Facebook and Google becoming the go-to option for many companies. Yet, if you operate in the cannabis or cryptocurrency sectors these are not options. Both industries have extremely restrictive marketplaces for their digital marketing efforts. Google, Facebook, and other major platforms will readily restrict their ad networks if a cannabis company is trying to access it. With this, there needs to be a more creative approach to digital marketing when the most popular platforms are restricted. Today we will dive into a few of the best tips we have found while marketing in a restrictive marketplace.


Find a Niche Network

The blogs, forums, and other digital landscapes which are more specific than Facebook or Google are a great place to start. Your business should still have a presence on the giant platforms like Google maps if you have a storefront. Google will only restrict the ad networks from cryptocurrency or cannabis businesses. This is starting to change, but for the time being the display ad network is simply off-limits for either type of company. Instead, finding a niche network such as BitcoinTalk forum for the cryptocurrency sector or mobile apps such as Massroots can be a great place to market your business when restricted. While each of these different sectors has their own niche digital communities, almost any niche will have at least one option in this category. Our team has worked in the past with a variety of niche firms to establish their presence and reach customers through these creative outlets.

Influencer Marketing

The influencer economy has boomed in 2018. With this, there still is a ton of undervalued attention which can be leveraged for a wonderful return on investment. These influencers can be active on YouTube or Facebook, as well as some of the niche platforms highlighted above. Do not forget to research niche communities such as Telegram which is extremely popular within the cryptocurrency sector. With that in mind, the influencer campaign should be properly planned out to ensure you have tracking metrics and can keep the influencers accountable to complete the tasks which they claim they will. Contracts are key with that in mind. With a fine-tuned marketing plan and contract in place though, there may be no better return on investment than going with influencer marketing.

Email Marketing

The traditional approach to email marketing remains one of the most effective. Not only because this marketing avenue can be completely brought in-house but also because there are fewer restrictions due to third-party platforms. While this option does have a drawback since you will need to generate your own email list. With that in mind, do not waste time buying an email list as these are often not legal and it will lead to many users reporting your domain for spam! Take the time to build out your email list with a few giveaways and constant reminders to consumers that they will benefit if they sign up with your email list. Finally, make sure you have a coordinated plan of attack with your email marketing as well since you do not want users to unsubscribe or report spam. This can be done best with simple content that is to the point and relevant to your audience.

We hope this helps you and your niche marketing efforts! If you have any other suggestions we’d love to hear about them in the comments. Until next time,

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