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The internet has seeped into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. With over half the world able to access the internet in 2018, the digital marketing landscape has become increasingly crowded and harder to become efficient. Yet, it’s still one of the best places to find new customers with the right tactics. Today we will dive into one of the most effective digital marketing strategies which rely on two aspects. First, content creation remains the best cornerstone for a digital marketing strategy. Content is king. Second, taking advantage of the advertising spends which are strongly underpriced even still in 2018. Let’s take a closer look at this strategy and break it down into more digestible action items for you to find the best marketing strategy for your business.


Long Form Content

The key aspect to this strategy is to remember that content is king. Creating good content should be the most important part of your digital marketing strategy today. This often means video content since this type of content can be broken down into short video clips, quotes, memes, and other content avenues to be spread across all over the world. Long-form content can be a challenge to produce but if your company provides speeches or can record a few meetings inside the firm, these can easily be translated into quality video content. Furthermore, documentation should be the goal at this point more so than delivering a specific marketing message since this content will be longer in form.


Break Down Long Form Content

This aspect can easily be done from a stationary team or even freelancers available all over the internet. Essentially though, you’ll want to break down your long-form content into shorter videos, quotes, gifs, memes and other digital content forms to be spread in the proper and respective channels. For example, a nice 60-second clip can work fantastic onInstagramm, while Youtube and Facebook are often better with longer form content ranging from thirty to sixty minutes on Youtube and many different times on Facebook depending on the exact location it’ll be marketed.


Listen to the Audience, Find the Best

Finally, it’s key to pay attention to your audience. The more fine-tuned you can dial down your audience with demographics including age, location, profession, interests and other aspects, then the better your return on investment should be. It may take some time to understand which audience segment resonates with your content but if you’ve broken down your long-form content into proper segments then this should be no problem at all. Then it’s a simple matter of testing, testing, and testing some more. Find platforms such as Facebook which allow for ad spends and positive return on investments for your marketing. Make sure on the backend that you’re ready with landing pages and other optimization strategies to help these ads convert customers better.

If you have further questions please feel free to leave a comment below. Also, special thanks to Gary who inspired this post. Gary Vaynerchuk is a digital marketing guru. Learn more about Gary’s work online at

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