Careful of Crypto Hacks

The cryptocurrency world seems to be plagued with hack after hack in which many users are left with empty wallets. This problem continues to be an issue in the cryptocurrency world despite warnings being issued on a regular basis. With that, here are a few tips to keep you safe in the digital world. 1). Use a paid AntivirusThe keyloggers and other security breaches which can be avoided with a simple paid antivirus should not be understated. Anyone with a small or large cryptocurrency holding should budget for the paid antivirus.  2). Don't click fishy linksThis is a simple task but also one that cannot be overstated. The fishing links on twitter, in email, and all over the web are usually easy to spot if you browse the web with a veil of scrutiny. This can be especially important when accessing centralized locations such as MyEtherWallet or any other online exchange or digital wallet.  3). 2-Factor AuthorizationThis is a solution which can be implemented for free and with little effort. Take the time to download the proper authorization apps and set them up with your online cryptocurrency accounts. This will stop anyone who breaches your username and password credentials from accessing your accounts. Seize 2-factor authorization as an important but easily implemented security guard.  4). Use reliable wallets and exchangesThe cryptocurrency industry is young and thus full of immature actors. Make sure you are using reliable software to store your valuable tokens. 5). Remember exchanges are a centralized target for hackersDo not ever store high amounts of cryptocurrency on an exchange. These are centralized targets for hackers. Use an exchange and then get your hard earned tokens back into a more secure storage location.  In closing, when in doubt, be extra safe! The internet can be a vulnerable place and when it comes to your money, digital or fiat, security should be the utmost importance. It’s always wise to be safe than sorry. Feel free to send us an email if you have further questions about best practices.

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