Bulls Stay with Crypto, Despite Good News

Bulls Stay with Crypto, Despite Good News The cryptocurrency markets continued to see red on Monday with Bitcoin sliding down to touch $6,900 and the total market cap of cryptocurrency hitting $250 billion. Ethereum slides down to hit nearly $400 with EOS falling just short of the $7 mark. In general, though, these market slides have occurred despite good news entering the cryptocurrency markets. The NYSE parent company announced its intention to assist with the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency markets. Furthermore, Goldman Sachs has announced plans to provide Crypto Custody offerings to its customer base. With this good news, the bear market still seems to be present throughout the entire sector of cryptocurrency markets today. Although the overall cryptocurrency market has continued to see an on going bear market throughout most of 2018, these progressions shouldn’t be seen as too surprising after the huge surge seen in 2017. Markets go through phases of bearish and bullish as investor excitement comes and goes. This is true for nearly every market in existence and few markets have seen the explosive growth as seen in the cryptocurrency marketplace. With this bear market currently in its seventh month, it’s important to remember this.  The true test for the cryptocurrency marketplace will come in the next world economic downturn that takes place eventually, it will occur sooner or later. When it does, if cryptocurrencies are seen as a safe haven from the economic downturn, then it will truly be a moment in which this nascent industry has reached “the moon”. It will be pivotal. Remember, the original Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin as as a response to the 2008 financial meltdown and then the government bailouts that took place.  Stay up to date with news updated provided by Newa.io https://t.me/Newaio--Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/bloomberg-goldman-sachs-plans-crypto-custody-offering-despite-bleak-market-predictionshttps://thecryptograph.net/nyse-parent-company-announces-launch-of-cryptocurrency-market/ 

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