8 Free Marketing Tactics

Marketing can be an expensive activity for small businesses. These 9 marketing tactics are completely free and simply need a little bit of your time and energy. Let us know which one is your favorite!

1. Google Business Listing

The search giant Google will give you a free business listing. Do this!

2. Social Media Business Pages

The practices of social media must be a part of your marketing plan in 2019. Even if you are offering a local service such as a mechanic, social media can help you reach new customers and expand your business. People spend time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as if they are the modern versions of the most popular radio shows in the ’30s or Tv shows of the ’60s. Make sure you are capitalizing on this trend.

3. Email Sign up

The email marketing tactics of the ’90s do not exist anymore but nonetheless, it is still one of the best methods. So, start to take advantage of this trend and gather email addresses from your website visitors and customers.

4. SEO By Yoast

A great advantage while building out your website and search engine optimization is to make sure you’re doing it correctly! Check out SEO by Yoast for a host of free tools to make sure you are executing on your marketing properly.

5. Canva

If you need graphics for your marketing, check out Canva for an easy to use a graphic designer. This toolset is wonderful to create amazing graphics.

6. Send Press Release

Make your own short press release and blast it out to local news publications. The local news especially is a great resource here which can lead to a video piece as well as a website article on the news site. These types of promotions also help give your business credibility. Make sure when you contact the news you have something that is newsworthy! The news is constantly looking for content but it still needs to be valuable and should easily give the reporters a reason as to why they should care.

7. Giveaways

If you can do a product giveaway for free or comparatively cheaply, this is a great strategy. Social media giveaways or referral programs can be a powerful tool to get the word of your product or service.

8. Blog Content

Last on the list comes Blog content, which can be a bit more time consuming than other methods on the list. I spend around an hour each week creating content for the blog and constantly keep my eyes peeled for good content. Focus on providing value with your blog instead of a word count. A 300-word blog that brings an answer to a customer or website visitor will always be better than your 5,000-word monologue that hardly gets read. Always remember to provide value!

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