Marketing in a Restrictive Atmosphere

Digital marketing, in particular, has quickly become the first avenue for businesses to reach their potential customers. The internet remains one of the best platforms to reach customers with a good return on marketing investment. With this though, many industries have become restricted from effectively marketing in the digital world. For example, cryptocurrency and cannabis companies have both witnessed bans popular platforms such as Facebook and Google. This has forced companies to become creative while generating marketing plans and effective practices. Today we will review a few of the best marketing tactics a company can do while being restricted from the internet.  

Internal Channels & Remarketing Efforts

First, it's vital a company establish internal marketing channels which cannot be disrupted by outside platforms. A perfect example is an in-house email list which can remarket to existing customers on the list. This marketing effort may be paired well with a service such as Mail Chimp but businesses operators should take the time to have a  copy of the email list on their own servers as well, just to be safe with the restrictive market in mind. Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing initiatives even nearly 30 years after it's inception.

Crowdsource Marketing

Another common marketing effort we've seen to curtail the restrictive digital platforms such as Google and Facebook has been to simply crowdsource the marketing effort. This includes developing a community of users which can receive micro-rewards for completing small marketing tasks. A great example of this can be seen from the bounty industry which has spawned around the cryptocurrency space. These bounty programs encourage users to share the marketing message of a particular project and then they reward users with micropayments for their efforts. This model is a great example of how a decentralized effort can be more powerful than a centralized one, even for marketing.

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