Binance and Coinbase adds Ethereum Classic Options

Two of the largest exchanges, Coinbase and Binance have both announced new pairings with fiat to Ethereum Classic being added to their platform. These exciting announcements for Ethereum Classic have lad to a 25% jump in price. Both powerhouse exchanges listing the ETC pairings can be seen as the catalysts for this price action jump. Furthermore, unlike the announcement of the Bitcoin Cash announcement, the Coinbase team was required to sign non-trade agreements prior to the public announcement to dissolve any concerns of insider trading. With this, the Coinbase team will be adding the ETC and USD pairing to their exchange sometime in the near future. The team plans to implement this listing an announce an official listing date after the API and other technology required for the implementation has been thoroughly tested. The Bianace team has also announced an exciting new ETC pairing which will be tied to a new BNB trading pair as well as a USD trading pair. This should benefit both BNB and ETC with the new listing on the Bianace trading platform. Sources:

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